Day 12

Surrendering Control

“But Moses again pleaded, “Lord, please! Send anyone else.”

Exodus 4:13 NLT

We can so often be our own worst critics; no one else is quite as aware of all of our shortcomings, inadequacies and mistakes as we can be. Faced with the weight of his calling, Moses responds, not with confidence, but with a plea for someone else to be sent. He’s all too aware of all the reasons he can’t.

God never seems to look for someone who can do it all on their own. Instead, we see over and over again that he’s interested in partnering with broken, insecure and unqualified people. That as we do what we can, He does all we can’t. God meets Moses in his fear, and He agrees to include Moses’ brother Aaron, and He promises to be with him and help him.

We then read a few verses later that Moses returned to Egypt; he surrendered control to God and stepped out. There’s no doubt that he was still worried and afraid, but there was a love that was greater than his fear.

Today, is there anywhere you might need to surrender? Releasing the need for control and trusting that God can see beyond our limited perspective and reasons ‘why not.’ As you surrender, you will experience the freedom that comes from knowing that God's ways are higher - we can trust what we don’t fully understand.

In what areas of your life do you need to surrender control to God, trusting His plans over your own?