Day 2

Our Search for Freedom

“When hard pressed, I cried to the Lord; he brought me into a spacious place.

Psalm 118:5 NIV

In the world we live in, freedom has become synonymous with personal independence, carefree living and being uninhibited. The world’s definition of freedom is: the right to do whatever we want, say whatever we want, condemn whenever we want, behave however we want and do these things whenever and however we choose.

This kind of living has resulted in a feeling less than freedom. It has resulted in pain, restriction, lack, heaviness, loneliness, unfulfillment, brokenness and more. So we have to ask the question: if our heart craves freedom, what is freedom?

Biblical freedom is freedom from the enslaving power of sin in our lives. The enemy uses sin to obstruct our relationship with God, keeping us from experiencing abundant life. Outside of Christ we are slaves to sin.

True freedom is not found in a place where you can be yourself, or in relationships that tolerate or celebrate your sin, but it is found in Christ and being completely changed by Him.

True freedom can only be enjoyed within the limits of God’s commandments because HE KNOWS WHAT IS GOOD.

It isn’t freedom for rebellion; it is freedom for obedience. And it isn’t free to do whatever we want; it is free to do whatever He calls us to do.

Once saved, our eternal reality shifts, but this doesn’t mean that everything in our physical reality automatically shifts. We then need to walk out a journey of living as free people. It’s a lot like going through a detox from sugar. It is a journey of learning to choose what is good for us, rather than our old habit of choosing what feels good.

Over this next month, God has a spacious place He wants to lead you into. Cry out to Him. Express your desire for true freedom to Him.

Where is your heart craving freedom?