Statement on Church Services and Vaccinations

Statement on Church Services and Vaccinations

October 7, 2021

As we look to the future and the Government's roadmap to ease restrictions, we continue to pray for our frontline workers, public health officials, and medical professionals who serve our communities with dedication and courage. We also continue to pray for our leaders charged with the responsibility of navigating complex and challenging issues.

At Equippers Church, we believe that faith in Jesus Christ should impact how we live our lives, and we continue to undertake to match these prayers with actions to support our communities.  

We strongly believe that it is our responsibility to primarily share one message - that all are loved, chosen, and set apart, that Jesus is Lord and that the Church welcomes everyone.

In some international situations, countries have limited faith-based gatherings based on attendee's vaccination status. We understand this is a complicated issue. However, we believe that gathering to worship is not comparable to attending a concert or a sports game. While we are incredibly grateful for the technology that allows us to stream services, we believe Church is more than a product to be consumed. Our God loves all people with no exceptions, and meeting together in Christian community is vital to our spiritual health. Equippers Church will always be a place in which everyone is welcome.

We are also committed to valuing people in our actions. The safety of those who attend our services will always be paramount. Since the start of the pandemic, we have adhered to public health guidelines and put Covid-19 safe measures in place. Kathy and I have been vaccinated, we abide by health advice, and we encourage others to do the same. We will continue to welcome all to worship and gather with other believers while listening and adhering to public health advice and the laws of this land.

At Equippers, we recognise that there will always be different perspectives around many issues, but this doesn't hinder us from meeting in unity under one name – Jesus. We continue to believe that that which unites us will always be stronger than anything that seeks to divide us.

Sam and Kathy Monk
Senior Pastors
Equippers Church