Staff Salaries

Staff Salaries

December 26, 2022

It has come to our attention that an accusation has been made about Equippers on an online forum regarding the amount our staff are paid. We would like to correct this narrative and advise there is an error on the Charities Services website. We are working to resolve this with the Charities Services, but due to the Christmas shut-down period, we expect this to be resolved in the new year. The Charities Services website does not accurately reflect the total number of staff employed, which has led to a wrong assumption of amount staff are paid.

Equippers Auckland Church is part of the Equippers Auckland Group (EAG). EAG is a consolidate group of 6 Charitable Trusts for the purpose of Charities Services and IRD reporting. This Group of Charitable Trusts consists of 7 Churches, a licensed Childcare Centre, an NZQA Certified College, and an Employment & Training Agency.

In 2021 EAG employed 75 Full-time staff members, plus 68 staff who were either part-time, contractors or casuals, across the 6 Charities. At time of writing this, number of full-time and part-time staff employed across the 6 charities is 65 full-time staff, plus 29 staff who are either part-time, contractors or casuals. On the Charities Services website, Equippers Auckland Trust is displaying the total Group financials, but only showing staffing numbers for 1 of the Trusts. We understand how people may have calculated what staff are being paid off the Charities website, however the information being circulated is incorrect.

Staff salaries bands are determined by Strategic Pay, an independent organisation who determine salary band recommendations for the New Zealand not-for-profit sector. All 6 Charitable Trusts in the Group are independently audited by RSM Auditors each year and our financial statements are lodged with both the IRD and Charities Services. Various programs and contracts we delivered are also audited by Ministry of Education, Ministry of Pacific Peoples and Ministry of Social Development.