I’m seeking out Your truth
I’ll set my mind on You

Pre-Chorus 1
I won’t entertain my old thoughts
My mind is Yours
Anxiety has no space here
For You are Lord

No lie will come in between us
I choose to only believe Your truth
Who I am is found in You

I don’t need a second opinion
I know Your thoughts for me are good
Who I am is found in You

You overthrow my fears You fill my head with life

Pre-Chorus 2
The enemy has no power My mind is Yours
I have this bold assurance For You are Lord

I’m seeking out Your truth
I set my mind on You
I know sometimes to grow The branch You need to prune

Show me what I need to do

God, I will remain in You

Father, I pray for Your blessing
Give me Your strength and protection
Hold me up over the water
Calling out into the heavens
Jesus remembers my name
But Jesus forgives my confessions

Lord, I know I sin and sin again, but sin does not define the way You see me
And all I know is every single day You’re looking down, Your smile wide gleaming