Pray for:
Your Home

1 Samuel 25:6 - “Peace be to you, and peace be to your house, and peace be to all that you have.”

Welcome to Day 7 of The Fast. We hope you have a great time enjoying worship and the word, either in-person or online today.

Today we are praying for our homes. How is the atmosphere of your home?

An atmosphere is defined as “a pervading or surrounding influence or spirit, general mood or environment.”

In Genesis 1, the earth’s atmosphere was dark and empty — that is until God spoke. It didn’t automatically take on the spiritual atmosphere of God. He had to fill the atmosphere with what He wanted to occupy that space.

The same is true for us. It is not just about our mood — although that is one aspect. We have a spiritual atmosphere in our homes that we can infuse with the power of the Holy Spirit, or leave blank for anything or anyone to permeate. That second option is too dangerous. If we fail to play offense, we’ll end up playing defense and wearing ourselves down with unnecessary trials.

Our living space is an extension of ourselves. It’s where we eat, sleep, and are replenished. It’s where we spend our quiet time. It’s sometimes where we work. It’s where we raise our children, and entertain guests. A lot of our lives are lived out of our homes. So praying over them, praying for God’s protection, guidance, and blessing, is like setting up spiritual boundaries and fences designed to keep out anxiety, fear, strife and sickness.

This is getting on the offense and not letting the atmosphere just happen by default.

In Jesus’ time on earth, each time the disciples went into a home, they prayed for the home. They prayed for the physical structure, but also for the people in it. Praying for your home and its inhabitants is so very important!

Here is one thing you can do practically this week that will bring spiritual change to the atmosphere of your home…

If there is a lack of peace or joy in on your home, if anyone is not sleeping well or having bad dreams, if your finances aren’t whole, if someone is unwell, if there is disunity or strife, or even if things are just “okay”… we encourage you to pray through your home and anoint it. Anointing your home is a prophetic act of declaring that your home is consecrated and set apart for God. As we pray through and anoint our home, we speak His heart into our home and over our family. We pray for each person, each pillow, each circumstance that our family is facing. We pray for the door frames and that God would bless our coming and going. That as we leave our home, we would leave with purpose and confidence, shielded with faith as we go about His mission. That as we re-enter our home, no harm would come in to our home. That God would keep us safe in our home. That we would be replenished here. That we would have God dreams here…. and so on.

Lift your home, its contents and its inhabitants to God and trust Him with every area of your home and family.

The presence of God is going to be evident in your home today. We are believing that any and every person that lives with you — whether currently walking with Jesus, or not — would feel the peace that His presence brings.